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Properties and application of ultra high strength polyethylene fiber

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The ultra high strength polyethylene fiber has low melting point and good impact resistance. So it is widely used in bulletproof and stab resistant products. Made into composite materials with other high performance fibers.
1 Structure and performance
The outstanding characteristic of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene is not separated from its high molecular weight. In general, only the average molecular weight is more than 1 million 700 thousand ,then can reach the excellent performance. Therefore, the average molecular weight is more than 1 million 700 thousand of the polyethylene called ultra high molecular weight polyethylene. There is no simple polymer material with so many excellent properties.
1.1 physical properties:
Density: 0.97 ~ 0.98g/cm3;
Intensity: 2.8 ~ 4N/tex;
Modulus: 91 ~ 140N/tex;
Extension degree: 3.5% ~ 3.7%;

1.2 impact absorption energy
the fiber is nearly one times higher than P-aramid fiber, the wear resistance is good, the coefficient of friction is small, but the melting point of the stress is only 145 to 160 degrees Celsius.

1.3 special properties
1, high specific strength, high specific modulus. Specific strength is more than ten times the same section of the steel wire, and the modulus is only second to the carbon fiber.
2, low fiber density, density is 0.97g/cm3, can float on the water surface.
3, the elongation at break is low, the fracture work is big, has the very strong absorption energy the ability, therefore has the prominent impact resistance and the cutting resistance.
4, anti ultraviolet radiation, neutron and gamma rays, higher than the energy absorption, low dielectric constant, high electromagnetic wave transmission.
5, resistance to chemical corrosion, wear resistance, have a longer flex life.

1.4 shortcomings
There are 2 :
(1) it can not resistant to high temperature. Because the melting point of PE is only about 150 degrees Celsius, so it is not suitable to use at high temperature;
(2) the creep resistance of fiber is poor.

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